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WHAT HAPPENED ON 27th January 2001?

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26th January 2001


An unmanned Russian cargo spacecraft which blasted off from Kazakhstan three days ago has successfully docked with the ailing Mir space station. Its mission is to steer the 15-year-old craft back to Earth. The space station is due to splash down in the Pacific Ocean between Australia and Chile in early March. Russia says most of the craft will burn up in the atmosphere with any other parts falling harmlessly into the sea.

27th January 2001


A designer at Russia's top weapons institute has designed an assault rifle which can also be fired underwater. RIA news agency said Col Yuriy Danilin a department head at the Artillery Institute in Tula south of Moscow had built the rifle in his spare time. The weapon uses different cartridges to fire in water. At present special forces need to use bulky separate weapons for fighting underwater. Tula also created the most-copied assault rifle the Kalashnikov AK-47.

27th January 2001


German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder has said Russian opposition to a US missile defence plan so-called "Son of Star Wars" must be seriously considered. Russia had a vital role in lasting security in Europe he said demanding clarity from the US on the proposals. US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld again said the plan posed no threat but European leaders fear a new arms race. Nato chief Lord Robertson believes the plans would not affect the alliance.


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