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WHAT HAPPENED ON 14th January 2001?

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13th January 2001


The day in the Commons begins with questions to the Defence Secretary. MPs will then debate the second reading of the Capital Allowances Bill before hearing motions on the Joint Committee on Human Rights. A debate on the Coal Authority & records of former mine shafts follows. Peers will discuss the second reading of the International Criminal Court Bill & hold a debate on undiagnosed illness among Gulf War veterans.

14th January 2001


El Salvador has made an urgent plea for international aid after an earthquake left 259 dead & hundreds more missing A state of emergency has been declared after the quake devastated suburbs of the capital San Salvador. Desperate efforts were being made to find the missing with rescuers using their bare hands to remove rubble. The airport has had to close hampering international attempts to fly in relief supplies to the worst-hit areas.

14th January 2001


The former SNP leader Alex Salmond is expected to stand for his Westminster seat at the upcoming general election. The move was discussed & approved on Saturday by the party's national executive committee. It gave unanimous support to the Banff and Buchan constituency's plans to install Mr Salmond as the candidate. The constituency meets today to confirm Mr Salmond's bid. Rival parties have accused Mr Salmond of hypocrisy for abandoning the Scottish Parliament.


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