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WHAT HAPPENED ON 6th January 2001?

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1st January 2001


German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder & Russian President Vladimir Putin have marked the Russian Orthodox Christmas. The leaders & their wives attended a service at Moscow's Christ the Saviour Cathedral for a service led by the head of the Russian Orthodox Church. Earlier they took a stroll in the Kremlin & the Red Square at the start of Mr Schroeder's two-day visit. Tonight the two leaders were due to celebrate Mrs Putin's birthday.

6th January 2001


The Wye Beagles Hunt in Kent has gone ahead as scheduled despite the theft of 46 of the pack's dogs yesterday. More than 100 hunt members gathered at a farm near Dymchurch with the pack reinforced by 25 beagles lent by neighbouring hunts. Although just four hounds were left behind hunt secretary Will Denne said: "We never thought about calling it off" The Animal Liberation Front has claimed it was behind the theft.

6th January 2001

WEDDING Former choirboy & television presenter Aled Jones 29 has married long-term girlfriend Claire Fossett at St Paul's Church in Covent Garden central London. LOTTERY Sir Richard Branson will meet lawyers on Tuesday to decide whether to take the National Lottery Commission to court after it gave Camelot the licence instead of his People's Lottery.


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